List of Non – Reimbursable Items

Following is a list of services, which are not reimbursable as per the standard Mediclaim norms:

(GHPL / Insurance Company would not be responsible for reimbursement of the same)

  • Registration and Admission fees
  • Documentation charges, Certification fees or any kind of Xerox Charges
  • Ambulance Charges.
  • Ancillary medical facilities like
    • Vaccination , Nutrition and dietetics
    • Physiotherapy (unless and until it is a part of treatment)
    • Vitamins & Tonics not related to treatment
    • Spectacles and Hearing Aids
    • Employing special nurses for extra care.
  • Visitors Charges and Attendant charges including
    • Extra bed for attendant, Attendant pass
    • Food & Beverage for attendant, Telephone Charges
    • Service charges like the Bed retaining charges.
  • Non Medical expenses comprising of
    • Expenses on Luxury items like Radio / TV / AC Charges
    • Laundry Charges, Telephone Charges
    • Purchase of Sanitary items